Demonstrations of Some Limits on Visual Processing.
It's difficult to notice that moving objects are changing appearance. These demos show this "silencing illusion," in which a set of objects that change rapidly in hue, luminance, size, or shape appears to stop changing when it moves. [see the demo]
Gist-based Change Blindness.
You don’t see the world the way you think you see it. This demonstration shows that an image can change right in front of your eyes, and yet you will fail to notice many of the things that change. [see the demo]
Massive Memory.
How well can you remember the details of what you have seen? This demonstration shows that we people can remember the details of a massive number of objects. [see the demo]
Multiple-object tracking.
How fast can you “mentally” keep track of moving objects? This demonstration shows the tradeoff between the speed limit on attentive tracking, and the number of targets you have to track. [see the demo]