Opportunities to Join the Harvard Vision Lab.
We are currently accepting applications from students interested in obtaining research experience at the undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral level. My group investigates various aspects of visual cognition, including visual perception, visual attention, and visual memory. Our primary research approach is to use behavioral studies to understand how visual cognition works, but we also use computational models, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electrophysiological recordings (EEG).

As a member of my lab, you would be joining a large community of 20-30 researchers. I am co-director of the Vision Sciences Laboratory, along with Professors  Ken Nakayama , Yaoda Xu , and Talia Konkle . We occupy the 7th floor of William James Hall, in the  Department of Psychology  at  Harvard University , where we share an integrated lab space.

For more information on joining the lab, follow the link that applies to you:
Harvard Undergrads:   academic year and/or summer research positions available.

Undergrads from Other Institutions:   participate in a summer research program.

Prospective Graduate Students:   graduate student positions available.

Prospective Postdocs:   e-mail me (alvarez@wjh.harvard.edu) to inquire about opportunities.